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Where do your wizards live?

*applies defibrillator to community*

So we all know how there are kind of a ton of characters in Harry Potter, and how awesome that is for those of us who love to make Sims. But, unfortunately for those of us who hate building houses (like myself) , the fact that all of these characters need a place to live is a big problem.

For those with Apartment Life, these Diagon Alley apartments are perfect for your wizards who don't need a whole lot of space. (I've got my Remus Lupin living in one, using the leftover grant money from college. It's nice to not have to cheat to get him a place without a job.) But there are only four units, and there are plenty of characters who need a lot more room.

The fantastic lauralaima and StephSim both have quite a few canon lots, such as Shell Cottage, 12 Grimmauld Place, and Spinner's End (not to mention the amount of fantastic community lots). They also both have their own personal variations on Hogwarts. The only downside is that both creators tend to load their lots with CC of different sorts.

Speaking of Hogwarts, Mikethealtarboy on the Exchange has some Uni dorms that I swear by for my college-bound HP Sims.

A quick search on MTS for certain lot names will turn up a bunch of Burrows and an unfurnished Riddle House (although the ghosts don't seem to work as advertised).

But all of these are pretty specific. There are plenty of characters whose homes are never seen, so of course no one builds them. Where are we to put those characters? The aforementioned lauralaima has two Witchy Starters, which are perfect for this exact situation but...there's only two of them.

So what do you do? Since I'm totally naff at building I usually just download some nice-looking, HP-unrelated residential lots and claim "blending in with the Muggles" because I am lazy. But I'm very curious as to what the non-incredibly lazy do for magical housing.
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