Notorious (ladystrange2000) wrote in simming_harry,

Here's my Snape!

He's all Maxis content, so he should work fine. Just for the record, I have the following installed: Sims 2, Nightlife, OFB, University, Glamour Life Stuff, Seasons. Let me know what you think of him.

ETA: pic!

I know, not the best pic, I swear I've taken a hundred more but they don't show up in the Storytelling file. Is there somewhere else I should be looking?

That's his wife, Hestia (nee Jones) and, uh, one of their 11 kids. Yes, I said 11, she rolled the 10 kid want (long story on how they got 11)

ETA2: Would anyone be interested in Hestia? (since she is canon and all) She only has 1 CC (skintone, available free)
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