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Voldemort takes over the White House

Oh look, its the white house. I wonder who lives here...

Oh hey! Its George Bush. He looks pretty dang evil.

Oh look Dubya! You've got a visitor! Its Lord Voldemort, I wonder what he wants...



Awww, poor Georgie Porgie


If you look behind him, you can see where he peed himself.

Eventually they got in a huge fight

Well really, who do you think would have been the winner of the fight?

"Alright, lets put you into your new room"

Oh lookie! A roommate!

Wait...who is he thinking about? This sim must have been previously played or something, because I have never introduced him to Condi Rice...


So, now I'm at a bit of a loss about what to do with him. Should I let him live and terrorize Hogsmeade (the neighborhood where my Potter sims live) or should I just let him die in his jail cell?

Poll #1021400 The Dubya Situation
This poll is closed.

What should I do with him?

Let him live
Let him die
Make him a grilled cheese zombie
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Deleted comment

Actually I was looking on MTS2 for residential lots (I hate building houses so very much) and I came across the White House. The same person also had a link to their George Bush, so I decided I might as well download him, too. Voldemort needed to find a new house so I decided he may as well live in the White House. :D
Mwa-ha-ha-ha! X^D
so awesome!